Now the yoga begins

Today’s office yoga has included: a series of seated cat-cow in my desk chair; a long held seated cobra; a long held downward dog using my filing cabinet as a prop (rather than going all the way to the floor); mountain both seated and standing as I needed some grounding; breaks for pranayama of varying […]

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Gratitude and grief

As I continue on this journey of self-acceptance through yoga, a thing that keeps coming up is developing a gratitude practice. There’s lots of theories about why it works. From a spiritual perspective there’s a suggestion that what you are grateful for, you receive back into your life. From a mindfulness perspective its success lies […]

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Betrayal and a gift

Forward folds and back bends have betrayed me! Forward folds are the first poses I go to when I’m feeling tight or sore or stressed. Stretching out all those muscles in the back and hanging forward for a time always makes me feel better. Backbends are a more recent love but as I’ve worked on […]

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