Betrayal and a gift

Forward folds and back bends have betrayed me! Forward folds are the first poses I go to when I’m feeling tight or sore or stressed. Stretching out all those muscles in the back and hanging forward for a time always makes me feel better. Backbends are a more recent love but as I’ve worked on opening up my heart they too have become a favourite – opening my chest so that I lead my body into the world with my heart.

But suddenly (though probably not surprisingly), my back is sore all the way up my spine and my neck protests with any deep movement. I wondered if I was getting sick or maybe I’d slept in an odd position. Then it strikes me – it’s the forward folds and back bends. I’ve been working on them almost exclusively for a week and after months of a much more gentle, much more rounded practice my body is finally saying ‘you know there are other asanas, right?’.

What a gift it is that the pose for today’s Curvy Be Your Own Beloved course is Tadasana (mountain). Strong, grounded, calm – with nary a bend to be seen. A focus on opening the heart without a bend – reminding me that an open heart can mean many different things.

What a gift it is that yoga is a practice that meets my body where it is, in this moment, today.


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